Runda:Greetings, adventure.

You: Greetings, Runda. I've noticed some odd sightings around the Shadow Woods. I think it was the Vyres.

Runda: Are you sure?

You: I don't know, but its simply unatural.

Runda:Hmm...this is odd... perhaps we should take a closer look.


Vyre Spy: Sir, I have located the target, and they have spotted us.

Vanstrom: Excellent- does he have any allies?

Vyre Spy: Just one- and its Runda.

Vanstrom: Grrr...he MUST go... we'll never be able to kill *player name* with him in the way!

Vyre Spy: Agreed. He is to powerfull.

Vanstrom: Silence thy self. Now return to base- They'll notice you evauntully.

Vyre Spy: Yes, my Lord.


Runda: OK so are you sure this will work?

Magia: It has to. It would be iregular not to.

You: What is this even supposed to do, Magia?


Magia:...It will create an inner turmoil that can be used to seek and destroy this "strange sighting".

You: Will this hurt?

Magia: *BREATHES IN AND THEN OUT* It's time for the final part of the creation. Its like getting a shot- It hurts at first.

You: OK, so you can at least tell me when you're gonna- ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!


Magia:Huuummmmm..grrraahhh! Let go now!

Runda: Ahhh man that hurt like crazy!

You: PLEASE tell me it worked! I did'nt just go through that for nothing!

Magia:How do you feel?

Runda:Like a chaotic cloud replaced the word "Head Ache"!

Magia:Then it worked. Go and hunt this spy, and kill him.

You: Alright! Time to show a display of some raw Hero Power!

Runda: Alright, dude!

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